Chart Tracking

Missing charts cause payment delays and a direct income loss to your Practice when they cannot be located for coding and entry into the billing system. Brault’s internet-based Patient Account Tracker (PAT) allows your Practice to identify the status and completeness of every chart in the coding process.

Whether your practice needs a custom interface that can integrate with your hospital’s registration system or a solution built completely from scratch, Brault’s proprietary technology can detail and track each patient who presented for care on each day (for up to 13 months).

HIPAA-Compliant Chart Capture

Brault’s proprietary PAT system offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant, online portal for convenient transfer of all reimbursement documentation. This electronic chart capture system allows billing packages to be transferred without paper processing, even if providers are required to use a hospital’s paper charts. Depending on your preference and IT capabilities, Brault can either match hospital-supplied registration data with ED logs and physician dictation; or match charts received through scanned images within the Hospital’s electronic medical record.

Patient Account Tracker (PAT) System

Individual patient charts are tracked by Brault’s proprietary Patient Account Tracker (PAT) technology. All encounters are viewable and searchable through the Secure Portal, providing full visibility into the status of every chart – with historical data available for up to 13 months.

Our PAT system lets you view which charts need addendums or corrections, and which contain documentation deficiencies that need correcting. This monitoring capability helps ensure that every chart, for every patient seen, has been accurately and thoroughly accounted for – with a minimum capture rate of 99%.

With this information immediately available, individual physicians can also see where each of their patients are in the billing process, and practice leaders can access all-inclusive data sets to identify macro deficiency trends that may require further training.

Chart Return & Documentation Feedback

Charts with obvious missing components are flagged for completion or amendment by the physician through Brault’s online chart tracking module. This chart return process not only helps safeguard your practice by reducing risk, it also serves as an invaluable tool for educating individual physicians about your group’s information requirements. And, for added value, practice administrators can use our Patient Account Tracker system to monitor the responsiveness and timeliness of individual providers.

Returned charts may include: charts missing all or most of a physical exam, or patients who were obviously critical but did not have a critical care time statement, or where a laceration was repaired by no repair note could be found, or a lumber puncture was performed without a note, etc. These are incomplete records from a clinical and risk management perspective that providers must finish.

From a compliance perspective, these are charts that require a query of the physician to clarify missing information that is necessary for accurate coding. This is consistent with the OIG’s recommendation contained in the document “Compliance Program Guidance for Third-Party Medical Billing Companies” (FR 63, No. 243, Dec. 1998) where coders are warned to ask the physician for clarification whenever the record is unclear. As the Guidance states, “this will frequently allow the coder to choose a more appropriate code.”

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